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National Family Health and Fitness Day

What is National Family Health and Fitness Day?


National Family Health and Fitness Day is a celebration that takes place annually on the last Saturday in September. This year it takes place on September 26, 2021. This day encourages families to eat a well-balanced diet and live an active lifestyle to stay as healthy as possible. Eating healthy and taking part in physical activities can bring the whole family together. Healthy habits are important to practice and when a family takes part in setting healthy goals together, they are more likely to stick to them. It is important to hold each other accountable to live a healthy lifestyle. This day is about implementing nutritious eating habits and fun physical activity that people can do with their families as a team, on September 26, 2021, and beyond.



National Family Health and Fitness Day was created by the Health and Information Resource Center (NHIC), in 1996. The NHIC decided to create this day because of the many fast-food chains opening and becoming increasingly popular. Fast-food chains such as, McDonald’s were taking over the nation, decreasing the overall health of the American people. The American Medical Association and the National Committee of Physical Fitness teamed up to promote health and wellness, during this time, but had little success in encouraging healthy eating and physical behavior. Therefore, the NHIC stepped in and ever since has been advocating for Americans to live healthy active lifestyles.

How to Celebrate


There are many fun ways to celebrate National Health and Fitness Day with the family, Including:

  1. Daily walks/bike rides

  2. Joining a fitness class

  3. Participating in a sport

  4. Making home cooked meals

  5. Grocery shopping for healthy foods

There is no wrong way to celebrate this day! It is important to create healthy habits for the family to pass down to future generations. According to the CDC, adults need 30 minutes of moderately physical activity a day and children need 60 minutes of moderately physical activity a day. Find physical activities to do as a family to create a daily routine of living a healthy lifestyle. Fast food can be an easy and convenient option for family dinners, but keep in mind that it is not the healthiest option. Take time to prepare healthy foods for the family to ensure everyone is eating nutrient dense foods. Obesity has increased dramatically in the U.S. over the past two decades. Decide with the family what healthy habits work amongst your daily routine and remember to live a healthy active lifestyle!

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