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National Love People Day



September 30, 2021 is National Love People Day. Lifeline Church, located in Chicago, created National Love People Day. This day was created with the purpose to show love to everyone! It is a day to remember to love everyone unconditionally, without limitations. There are many ways you can celebrate this day, number one being using kind words and doing thoughtful acts to whoever is in your community, whether it be a loved one or a neighbor. We make the world a better place when we love everyone unconditionally, no matter race, creed, or color.

National Love People Day Activities

  1. Random Acts of Kindness: You can show love to anyone, a friend or stranger, by offering kindness in a random act. Some examples may be, leaving money on a vending machine for someone, volunteering at a homeless shelter, donating blood at a blood bank, or paying for the order of someone behind you in a drive thru. No matter how big or small the act, it matters just the same. Random acts of kindness are one of the best and easiest ways to express love to people you don’t know and to remind the people in your life that you love them and are thinking about them.

  2. Create Art: Art can be an effective way to celebrate National Love People Day. You can write a poem for your spouse, gift a painting to a friend, or make a card for a neighbor. Art can be a thoughtful, personal way to show someone they are loved.

  3. Be kind: Using kind words to everyone you encounter can be the nicest, simplest way to commemorate National Love People Day. Being kind doesn’t cost you any money, labor, or time. Give a stranger a compliment, surprise a grandparent with a phone call, go visit your parents, show everyone compassion, and say please and thank you. The little things and kind words can make someone’s day.

Health Benefits of Love


The power of love is more important than you may think. Surprisingly, love has been linked to affecting your physical well-being and mental health. Here are some of the ways love has been proven by research to improve your overall health.

  • Increases life expectancy

  • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Reduces depression

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Decreases anxiety

  • Improves sleep

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